YoguPay for Business

Seamless Cross-Border Money Transfers

A tailor-made cross-border money transfer service for global businesses, offering unique FX and payment solutions, settling funds globally within 12 to 24 hours via API or web platform.
Our Multi-Currency Account enables seamless currency exchange in 10+ currencies with the best FX rates possible.

Why Should You Choose Yogupay for Business?

Here’s why you should use Yogupay for Business:

What can YoguPay do for your Business?

Revolutionize Remote Staff Payments

Embrace the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of remote work. With Yogupay, businesses can effortlessly pay their employees worldwide, eliminating the complexities associated with international payroll.

Seamless Supplier Payments

Simplify your supplier payments, regardless of their location. We streamline the process, enabling businesses to conveniently pay suppliers anywhere, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions .

Effortless Inter-company Transfers

Empower your global subsidiaries with seamless fund transfers. We facilitate easy inter-company transfers, allowing businesses to effortlessly send funds to subsidiaries worldwide, ensuring uninterrupted financial operations